The Grow NJ Kids online Home Visiting Training is now on-demand and at-your-own pace.

In this training, we further discuss ways to partner with parents, ways to meet the Grow NJ Kids standards, and discuss considerations for home visits on a deeper level. This training meets Grow NJ Kids' standard 4.2.3 and is an extension of the overview--intended for programs that wish to implement home visits.

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Hear from former teachers who completed Home Visits...

"It was completely different than I thought it was going to be."

-Robin Happonen

Hear from teachers who recently completed
Home Visits...

"As we started doing [Home Visits], [parents] were super receptive to it."

-Jennifer Perez

Hear from a parent interested in receiving Home Visits...

"I'm super excited for them to start [the Home Visiting] process."

-Colleen Hicks